Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Genie365 Lamp?

A Genie365 Lamp is a Premier Compatible Lamp – the only one available on the market.

Genie365 Lamp uses high quality compatible components to offer a great value alternative to the projector manufacturer’s own replacement lamp, with assured quality and an attractive price.

How is a Genie365 Lamp different from other compatible lamps?

In a word - Quality.

Copy lamps providing cheap lamp solutions are widely available, their key selling point being price. Each copy lamp manufacturer has strived to make their copy lamps the cheapest so the cheapest parts are used resulting in a low performance, unreliable or even dangerous lamp.

When we manufacturer a Genie365 Lamp we carefully select proven, high quality parts – many of which are used by the original equipment manufacturer - that are constructed and tested to exacting standards. Though more expensive, the result is a high quality, reliable compatible lamp that provides good value and protects your reputation.

So is a Genie365 Lamp a Diamond Lamp?

No it isn’t. A Diamond Lamp uses the identical bulb as supplied to the projector manufacturer by lighting companies such as Philips, Osram and Ushio. The performance of a Diamond Lamp is therefore identical to the projector manufacturer’s own lamp but at a lower price.

A Genie365 Lamp uses the highest quality compatible components to make a premium compatible lamp. The product is significantly better than other copy lamps, but below the standard of a Diamond Lamp.

But Genie365 Lamps do use some original parts?

Sometimes. A Genie365 Lamp uses the best components to make a premier compatible lamp and in some cases these are the same as used by the projector manufacturer in their own lamp

Core components include the burner, reflector, cage, air vents, and UV filters. Importantly, every component selected for a Genie365 Lamp is high quality rather than the cheapest. This results in an overall premium compatible lamp that is good for your reputation and provides a value solution.

Are Genie365 Lamps unique?

Yes they are. Other copy lamp manufacturers and resellers seek to drive the price down by using cheap components and lowering production standards. Genie365 Lamps are unique in focusing on quality and value, producing a premium compatible lamp that is competitively priced, yet high quality.

Beware of companies saying their lamps are ‘Genie365 Lamps, but cheaper’. No one else takes our approach to manufacturing a premium compatible lamp. Current alternative copy lamps are just cheap and their quality will prove to be a false economy.

When should I install a Genie365 Lamp?

When the budget dictates. When cost is not an issue, buy the most expensive option, the manufacturer’s original lamp (OEM).

For the same performance as the OEM but with a lower price tag select a Diamond Lamp.

If budgets are tighter still and you are prepared to sacrifice some performance then select a Genie365 Lamp. It gives the reliability you need but at a lower price than a Diamond Lamp.

Do not be tempted to buy cheap copy lamps where reliability is low, performance is pot luck and it is more likely to explode and damage your projector.

How bright will my Genie365 Lamp be?

It will be bright - at least 80% of the brightness of the projector manufacturer’s replacement (OEM) lamp. It will also have an even balance of brightness across the whole image. Importantly, your lamp will still be bright versus an OEM lamp after 1,000 hours or more.

Cheap copy lamps that are sometimes bright when first used, but are proven in testing to decay rapidly to less than 50% of the OEM brightness in 500 hours or fewer. The other issue is the build quality of copy lamps where low manufacturing standards ‘pass’ lamps with an off center burner, resulting in images that are dull in one corner.

How long will my Genie365 Lamp last?

For maximum performance nothing will beat a manufacturer’s original lamp or a Diamond Lamp, lasting well beyond 2000 hours. A Genie365 Lamp will also typically last beyond 2000 hours. Compare this to a copy lamp that typically fails within 500 to 1000 hours, demonstrating why cheap copy lamps are a false economy

How long is the Genie365 Lamp warranty?

We believe in our product, which is why we give it a 12 month, no quarrel warranty, the longest warranty of any lamp available.

Should the lamp fail to operate in the first 1000 hours of its life you can return it for a free replacement or a full refund. Similarly, if you use the lamp for a few weeks and decide it isn’t what you wanted, return it for a refund and all we’ll ask is that you tell us why it wasn't right for you it so we can make product improvements.

Are Genie365 Lamps expensive?

Genie365 Lamps give great value for money. They cost more that cheap copy lamps but provide a performance level that protects your reputation. However, they are much less expensive than manufacturer’s original lamps to suit budget conscious installations.

Are there Genie365 Lamps for all projector models?

We are rapidly building the Genie365 Lamps range with new models launched every month. We will soon have a solution for 75% of all lamp demand.

If the components available aren’t good enough or are too expensive we don't create a Genie365 Lamp. This explains the gaps in our range, but if there is a particular model you are after, let us know and we’ll tell you when we anticipate it being available.

What happens if I don’t like the Genie365 lamp?

As our 12 month no quarrel warranty states, if you use the lamp for a few weeks and decide it isn’t good enough, return it for a refund and all we’ll ask is that you tell us why it wasn't right for you it so we can make improvements.

If you have other questions please share them with us
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